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Sprouter Smartcard

This cutting-edge card utilizes Sprouter’s proprietary SP4 NFC technology, allowing you to instantly share your contact information, website, social media profiles, and more with anyone you meet. With a simple tap of your card, you can immediately exchange information, build connections and land sales opportunities via the Sprouter platfrom.

SproutEr Hub




The SproutHub is a secure and convenient way to deliver high-value customer experiences. With its intuitive design, powerful features like NFC and QR technology, the Sprouter Hub is an ideal solution for businesses looking to create unforgettable customer experiences.




The Sprouter QR Code Decal is durable, easy to use and offers an creative and effective way to share your content and engage with customers. Place anywhere from storefronts, tables, events, packaging – converting window shoppers to into customers has never been easier.

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