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About Us

History About Sprouter

Sprouter is an industry-leading mobile App. Since 2017, our team of qualified tech experts have contributed their skills and expertise towards creating a holistic platform that is meant to make your life easier while providing numerous benefits to grow your digital identity. We’ve succeeded in increasing our reach to users worldwide ever since. In recent years, we’ve grown and developed many new, easy-to-use features. With our App, you’ll forget about how life went on before we came around.
Founder & CEO

Daniel Everist

Sprouter, founded in 2017, is Everist’s brainchild, passion and mission – enabling brands, influencers, small businesses, activists and creatives to leverage their digital identity to unlock and monetize their full digital footprint. Daniel is very well connected in both the tech and creator communities. Daniel’s focus is on maximizing innovation within Sprouter, but is always looking to collaborate on new ventures.

We empower individuals and businesses to...

Grow their following

allowing them to promote: socials platforms, events, menus, virtual stores and more all from one white-labeled landing page.

​Manage social campaigns

with a social management tool that allows users to schedule and post across multiple platforms at the same time.

Establish their digital footprint

a one-stop landing page, tailored to the individual brand of each user for uniform promotion across all channels, digital or in-person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sprouter is not a replacement for other social media platforms. Sprouter helps you find all your friends and contacts easily by bringing information from all your social apps into one easy app.
No, this will only unlink your social media account from the Sprouter profile. If you wish to delete your account from a social platform, you need to do so within the specific app or website.
Yes, with UniPost you’re able to post text, photos, videos, and even go live across multiple social platforms. Additionally, it provides the option to schedule, draft, and manage posts.

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